Dear Members of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE),

The 2024 New Year has dawned. I wish all members and their family of KIChE happiness and abundant blessings throughout the year.
Chemical engineering has been crucial for modern industrial development and also a key contributor to societal enhancement.
Last year was a difficult time in many aspects, but we will overcome it and move forward in the new year. Looking ahead, I have a firm belief that we together can achieve significant progress both in our chemical industry and academic advancement with our efforts and cooperation.

Current economic fluctuations present challenges to our industry, but the unity and strength of our community are more vital than ever.
This year, KIChE will concentrate on enhancing our partnerships with academic and industrial collaborators. Together, we aim to make meaningful contributions to the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

In addition to advancing technology, fostering a culture of harmony and mutual respect within our chemical engineers’ society is essential. History has taught us the value of unity in facing external challenges. Prioritizing intellectual exchange and mutual respect, both individually and collectively, is crucial for the future success of our field and related industries.

This year, we are committed to innovating the future of chemical industries and enhancing KIChE's role as a key platform for member interaction and exchange.
I wish all KIChE members a healthy, happy, and successful year. Let's embrace this new year with a renewed focus on effective communication and collaborative effort.
I wish you all a very happy New Year. Sincerely,

Jinwon Lee
The 55rd President of the Korean Institution of Chemical Engineers