Dear members of the Chemical Engineering Society!

Hello? I am Ryu Seung-ho, the 54th president of the Korean Society of Chemical Engineers.
On the occasion of the New Year of the Cat, I sincerely wish all of our members and their families that all their wishes come true and that they are prosperous. Over the past 60 years, thanks to the dedication of society members and former executives, the Korean Society of Chemical Engineers has grown into an academic society representing the engineering world in Korea. Thank you very much for this.

As the 54th president of the Korean Society of Chemical Engineers, I will maintain and inherit the status of the society and strive to become an academic society that can adapt to new changes. Last year, while serving as the senior vice president of the society, I listened to the opinions of the society members along with the members of the mid- and long-term development committee and thought about the direction the society should go this year through analysis of changes in the internal/external environment of the society.
Already, with the efforts of the society executives and members, our society is seeking changes in academic conferences, such as keyword-based sessions and an increase in industry-led symposiums, and is making substantial changes through the reorganization of the society system. However, uncertainties such as post-COVID-19 and raw material/energy supply uncertainty are increasing, and the society is facing various problems such as carbon-neutral technology, the rise of new chemical engineering industries, and a decrease in the school age population.

I once again keep in mind the vision of our Society of Chemical Engineering, “a global society that realizes the value of chemical engineering through the convergence of academic and industry, and leads the creation of human happiness and the future,” and sets the slogan for 2023 as “A New Beginning: Leap Again.” We will do our best to be a year of preparation for the future by setting “Chemical Engineering to Do, Beyond the Boundary to the Future.”

First, for the qualitative growth of the society, we will pursue a balance and harmony of keyword sessions, sub-committee programs, and industry symposiums at the fall international conference, and support more active participation of students and new researchers. In addition, we will expand support for the editorial board of English and Korean journals, and provide active administrative support so that excellent papers can be continuously published in our academic journals.

Second, in order to advance the operation of the society, share best practices of branch/sector committees, support new researcher network activities and branch vitalization projects to be promoted autonomously, derive sunset projects for efficient operation of the secretariat, and actively computerize secretariat work. I will push forward.

Third, we will expand the scope of the conference by operating a symposium led by industry and national research institutes at spring/fall academic conferences to promote exchanges between academia, research, and industry, and encouraging new chemical engineering industries to actively participate in the conference.

Lastly, we will do our best to nurture excellent next-generation chemical engineers by strengthening support for industrial continuing education programs and new/existing programs for undergraduate/graduate students.

A new era challenges us constantly. Looking back heavily on the roles and responsibilities that the Society of Chemical Engineers faces for a sustainable society in the future, we earnestly ask for active participation and cooperation from our members to grow as a Society of Chemical Engineers leading a new future.
I will try to gather strength with the 54th Steering Committee so that the Korean Society of Chemical Engineers can grow one step further in 2023. We ask for the continued interest and support of our senior and junior members.
We wish you and your families health and happiness in the new year. thank you.

Seungho Lyu
The 54rd President of the Korean Institution of Chemical Engineers