Author's Checklist
1. Manuscript containing cover letter and one original manuscript (main text file and Figure/Table files) has been     uploaded through the e-submission system (
2. Text consists of cover page, title page, abstract, main text, references, tables and figures in separate pages.
3. The corresponding author should clearly mention the novelty and suitability of the submitted manuscript to           this journal and also its originality in the cover letter.
4. Title, name of authors, affiliation is described on the cover page.
5. Word count in the abstract is equal to or less than 150.
6. Five keywords have been provided.
7. References in the main text are described according to the Instruction to Authors.
8. Every article in REFERENCES is cited in the main text.
9. References are numbered according to numeric order.
10. Abbreviated titles of the journals are those from Chemical Abstracts.
11. The reference style follows the Instruction to Authors.

All of the authors have checked the above items and clearly confirm that the manuscript is written according to the Instruction to Authors.