Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering
ISSN 0256-1115
Volume 39, Number 7
Korean J. Chem. Eng. 39(7), 1659-1974
July, 2022
30 articles Entire volume, number list
1659-1672 A non-aqueous phase extraction system using tributyl phosphate for H3PO4 separation from wet-process superphosphoric acid: Extraction equilibrium and mechanism
Liu H, Yang J, Yang X, Hu C, Yang L
1673-1687 Study of gradual and sudden operating condition variations to optimize energy and mass consumption of an industrial fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) unit with a high-efficiency regenerator
Yaghoubi K, Gilani N, Abghari SZ, Mehneh FF, Eisazadeh M
1688-1708 A combined cycle power plant integrated with a desalination system: Energy, exergy, economic and environmental (4E) analysis and multi-objective optimization
Haghghi B, Saleh A, Hajabdollahi H, Dehaj MS
1709-1716 Multi-objective optimization of a methanol synthesis process: CO2 emission vs. economics
Jeong JH, Kim SW, Park MJ, Lee WB
1717-1728 Numerical study of fly ash deposition process in low temperature economizerunder SCR conditions
Fu S, Cao G, Ou G, Zhou F, Li L
1729-1743 Analysis of heat transfer performance of ORC direct contact heat exchanger by GRA-VMD-LSSVM model using optimization
Zheng G, Xiao Q, Zhu S, Wang H, Geng J, Zhao S, Huang J
1744-1752 Ethanol dry reforming over ordered mesoporous Co-Zn composite oxide for syngas production
Li F, Dong J, Wang M, Lin X, Cai W, Liu X
1753-1761 Design of low-loaded NiRe bimetallic catalyst on N-doped mesoporous carbon for highly selective deoxygenation of oleic acid to n-heptadecane
Wei Z, Cheng Y, Chen M, Ye Y, Liu Y
1762-1767 Effect of the physicochemical properties of SiO2 on performance of supported metallocene catalyst
You JH, Ko YS
1768-1774 Chitosan-based porous carbon as a support for Zn-based catalysts in acetylene acetoxylation
Zhang J, Zhu F, Zhang Y, Zhu M, Li H, Dai B
1775-1787 Carbon aerogel from waste corrugated cardboard: Facile preparation, characterization, and application to solar steam generation and adsorption
Ma Y
1788-1795 One-step synthesis of Ni3N@C hybrid and its catalytic activity for overall water splitting
Weng W, Chen J, Liu Q, Yu F, Wu J, Liu Z, Peng B
1796-1804 Characteristics of Li2CO3 as sintering aid for Ce0.8Sm0.2 O2-δ electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cells
Park GS, Mo SI, Kim JH, Yun JW
1805-1820 Eco-friendly adsorption of dye pollutants by palygorskite in aqueous effluents: Experimental and computational studies
Câmara ABF, Sales RV, dos Santos Júnior CV, de Souza MAF, de Longe C, Chianca TM, Possa RD, Bertolino LC, de Carvalho LS
1821-1830 Ultrasonication coupled electrochemical treatment of sugar industry wastewater: Optimization, and economic evaluation
Patel RK, Shankar R, Khare P, Mondal P
1831-1838 Polymerization mechanism of polyferric aluminum phosphatic sulfate (PFAPS) and its flocculation effect on simulated dye wastewater
Li S, Kang Y
1839-1849 Removal of Cr(VI) from solution using UiO-66-NH2 prepared in a green way
Zhang X, Zhang S, Ouyang G, Han R
1850-1862 Removal of direct dyes by coagulation: Adaptability and mechanism related to the molecular structure
Wei Q, Zhang Y, Zhang K, Mwasiagi JI, Zhao X, Chow CWK, Tang R
1863-1871 Preparation of polydopamine-coated TiO2 composites for photocatalytic removal of gaseous ammonia under 405 nm violet-blue light
Pak SH, Park JH, Park CG
1872-1879 Efficient removal of Cr(VI) by spent coffee grounds: Molecular adsorption and reduction mechanism
Hu Y, Zhi M, Chen S, Lu W, Lai Y, Wang X
1880-1890 Evaluation of folic acid-conjugated chitosan grafted Fe3O4/graphene oxide as a pH- and magnetic field-responsive system for adsorption and controlled release of gemcitabine
Ashuri A, Miralinaghi M, Moniri E
1891-1901 Extraction and phase transformation of iron in fine-grained complex hematite ore by suspension magnetizing roasting and magnetic separation
Yuan S, Wang R, Zhang Q, Li Y, Gao P
1902-1918 Performance of TFN nanofiltration membranes through embeddinginternally modified titanate nanotubes
Fallahnejad Z, Bakeri G, Ismail AF
1919-1926 High potential of amine rice husk magnetic biocomposites for Cu(II) ion adsorption and heterogeneous degradation of contaminants in aqueous solution
Nata IF, Wicakso DR, Mirwan A, Irawan C, Juwita R, Astuti NA, An-Nisa RT
1927-1935 Indicator of percolation transition in graphite oxide suspension containing cations
Liu L, You J, Zhu H, Tan W
1936-1945 Deep dechlorination of hydrocarbon oil by reactive adsorption on TiO2-based metal oxides
Niu H, Feng Y, Ding J, Zhang W, Hu C, Zhang Q, Zhang C, Li C
1946-1951 Magnetic properties affected by structural properties of sputtered Ni/Cu multilayer films with different thicknesses of Ni layers
Colmekci S, Karpuz A, Kockar H
1952-1958 Thermal and mechanical properties of poly(latic acid) reinforced with silanized basalt scales
Yao SS, Gao MZ, Feng ZY, Jin FL, Park SJ
1959-1967 Hierarchical multi-metal-doped mesoporous NiO-silica nanoparticles towards a viable platform for Li-ion battery electrode application
Pal N, Jo JW, Narsimulu D, Cho EB, Yu JS
1968-1974 Enhanced electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding efficiency of epoxy resin using graphene nanoplatelets
Dong W, Zhao M, Jin FL, Park SJ