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The undersigned author hereby transfers his/her exclusive copyright interest in the above cited manuscript (subse­quently referred to as the Work) to the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (subse­quently referred to as the Institute), effective if and when the Work is accepted for publication in the Korean Chemical Engineering Research, and subject to the following.


1. The undersigned author retains the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, present orally, or distribute the Work, provided that all such use is for the personal noncommercial benefit of the undersigned and is consistent with any prior contractual agreement between the undersigned and his/her employer.


2. In all instances where the Work is prepared as a work made for hire by an employer, the employer, whose authorized agent signs below, retains the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, publish, reprint, reproduce, and distribute the Work, provided that all such use is for the promotion of its business enterprise and does not imply the endorsement of the Institute.


3. Whenever the Institute is approached by a third party for individual permission to use, reprint, or republish specified articles (except for classroom use or reprint in a collective work), the Institute will make a decision without permission from the undersigned author or employer.


4. No proprietary right other than copyright is claimed by the Institute. 


The author warrants that the Work is the author’s original work. If the Work was prepared jointly the author agrees to inform co-authors of the terms of this agreement. It is submitted only to this journal, and has not been published before. The author also warrants that the Work contains no libelous or unlawful statements, and does not infringe on the rights of others. The author also agrees to take all the legal and financial responsibilities arising from a failure to observe the above agreements.


This agreement must be signed by an individual author who has the consent of all authors or, in the case of a work made for hire, an authorized agent of the employer.



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