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Received January 19, 2021
Accepted August 5, 2021
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Refractive Index and Excess Volume for Diisopropylamine + Isomeric Butanol Mixtures in terms of Nakata and Sakurai model

Department of Chemistry, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal-131 039, India
Korean Chemical Engineering Research, November 2021, 59(4), 644-651(8), 10.9713/kcer.2021.59.4.644 Epub 2 November 2021
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Alkyl amines are widely used in various industries. Nowadays these are also used in CO2 capture technology because amines react with CO2 and remove it from the flue gas. To make the amines more compatible towards this technology, physico chemical properties may be altered by mixing with other solvents. In the present report, we measured the refractive properties of pure diisopropylamine (DIPA) (1) + isomeric butanol (2) at 298.15 K to 308.15 K. The Δn values were positive for DIPA + n-butanol or sec-butanol or isobutanol or tert-butanol mixtures. The measured data was correlated with Redlich-Kister equation. The excess molar volume data were predicted from refractive index data using Nakata and Sakurai model. The experimental data were also predicted by various correlations, and the prediction capability of these correlations was reported through standard deviation. Further, the deviation in refractive index (Δn) data was interpreted by the consideration of specific molecular interactions between DIPA and isomeric butanol.


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