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    Separation Technology Division of Fine Particles Technology
    Biochemical Engineering Energy and Environment Thermodynamics
    Fluidization Transport Phenomena Materials
    Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Processe Safety

    Polymer (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Hee-Tae Jung (KAIST)
     Secretary general affairs Jeong Gon Son (KIST)
    Pil Jin Yoo (Sungkyunkwan University)
    Won Bo Lee (Seoul National University)
    Jinkee Hong (Chung-ang University)
    Industrial Chemistry (Jan. 1. 2017-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Young Min Jo (KyungHee University)
     Secretary general affairs Min Jung Song (Yonsei University)
    Process Systems Engineering (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Jay Hyung Lee (KAIST)
     Secretary general affairs Jong Min Lee (Seoul National University)
    Division of Fine Particles Technology (Jan. 1. 2017-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman HeeDong JANG (KIGAM)
     Secretary general affairs Jung H Kim (University of Seoul)
    Separation Technology (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2019)
     Chairman Chang-Ha Lee (Yonsei University)
     Secretary general affairs Jong Hak Kim (Yonsei University)
    Biochemical Engineering (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Sang Jun Sim (Korea University)
     Secretary general affairs Seung Pil Pack (Korea University)
    Energy and Environment (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Young-Kwon Park (University of Seoul)
     Secretary general affairs Tak Hyoung Lim (KIER)
    Thermodynamics (Jan. 1. 2017-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Hun Yong Shin (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
     Secretary general affairs Yongwon Seo (UNIST)
    Fluidization (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2019)
     Chairman Dong Hyun Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
     Secretary general affairs Sung Won Kim (Korea National University of Transportation)
    Transport Phenomena (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Bumsang Kim (Hongik University)
     Secretary of general affairs Jun Hyup Lee (Myongji University)
    Materials (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2019)
     Chairman Won Gyu Lee (Kangwon National University)
     Secretary of general affairs Yongchai Kwon (Seoul National University of Science and Technology )
    Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2018)
     Chairman Oh Shim Joo (KIST)
     Secretary of general affairs Young-Kwon Park (University of Seoul)
    Process Safety (Jan. 1. 2018-Dec. 31. 2019)
     Chairman Dongil Shin (Myongji University)
     Secretary general affairs Changjun Lee (Pukyong National University)
    Seung Kyu Dan (KOGAS)