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    성명 한국화학공학회 작성일 2016-02-22 조회 9127

    The Global Photovoltaic Conference 2016 will be held at EXCO(Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center), Daegu, Korea from April 6~8, 2016. The main goal of the conference is to provide a well-organized international forum to review and stimulate progress in photovoltaics. The conference will cover the entire range of photovoltaics from materials to systems as well as the non-technological realms such as market developments and policies.

    PV Market Insight
    Global PV Market Insight 2016
    •Silicon solar cells and materials (CSI)
    •II-VI & chalcogenide compound based cells and materials (CiS)
    •Perovskite solar cells and materials (PrV)
    •Organic, dye sensitized solar cells and materials (OsC)
    •New concepts, novel materials and devices (NmD)
    •III-V compound based concentrator and space PV systems (GaP)
    •PV components, modules and systems (MSI)
    •PV reliability and standardization (ReS)
    •New & Renewable Energy Hybrid System (NREH)
    •PV Market Insight (PMI)
    •Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)

    •Korea Photovoltaic Society

    홈페이지: http://gpvc.kr/
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    2331 한국화학공학회 2016-03-16 7788
    태양전지 국제학술대회(GPVC) 안내
    한국화학공학회 2016-02-22 9127
    2329 한국화학공학회 2016-02-02 10526